Jul 2006

On Tuesday, 8 August 2006, the 26th (Yankee) Brigade Combat Team will be activated for Federal service.

The ceremony is to take place in Minuteman National Park, in Concord, in the vicinity of the Old North Bridge. The plans call for the troops to be bussed to the lower parking lot on Great Meadows Road, arriving at 1000 hours, march over the Bridge, and assemble for the ceremony in the vicinity of the Visitors Center, on Liberty Street.

The ceremony is scheduled for 1100 hours. The YDVA will participate, in uniform (blue tie), and possibly march over the bridge with the troops. Those who have trouble walking should plan on meeting the participants at the visitor center, rather than the lower parking lot.

These men are the newest members of the YD family. Be there, show your support for the troops and their families!

Directions to Concord site: Take route 2 (west) off of route 95 (128). This is Cambridge Turnpike. Go straight, make no turns, go as far as you can. At end, the Colonial Inn is in front of you. Go right (Monument Street). The lower parking lot is up on the right. If you are going to the visitor's center, continue past the lower parking lot, go over the bridge, take you first left (Liberty St.). The visitor's center will be on your left.


Don McCuish - National Secretary, YDVA