Jun 2006

Nazi Concentration Camp Liberators to be honored at Holocaust Liberator event


On June 15th, in Boston, World War II veterans of eleven U.S. Army Holocaust Liberator divisions will be honored in a unique event. Never before have such a large group of the men who broke into the Nazi Concentration camps been so feted. Never before have so many been reunited with survivors of Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, Nordhausen and other notorious Nazi death camps.

The event is the annual benefit tribute dinner of the Holocaust Center Boston North, an educational foundation that works to teach about and document all genocides, including the Nazi Holocaust.

Though half of the World War II combat divisions that liberated the camps have since been inactivated, serving soldiers of seven of those units will join their elders at the event.

All of the vets and soldiers have been 'adopted' by patriotic corporations, individuals and veterans posts. These benefactors pay for their adopted soldiers' and vets' dinners, host them at the dinner table, and co-present their awards.

Greeting speaker for the event will be Mrs. Joanne Holbrook-Patton, past president of the Army Emergency Relief Fund, and daughter-in-law and widow, respectively, of two Patton generals. Her father, World War II Brigadier General Willard Holbrook, led the 11th Armored and 26th Infantry Division combat teams that liberated Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps in May 1945.

The 26th Infantry Brigade and the YDVA will attend this event. Prospective benefactors and attendees should contact me at BGMangone@aol.com or 978-531-1771.

Albert Mangone ( Message forwarded by Peter E. Bogdan, YDVA )