Credits & Sources

Featured Text, Photos, Documents

- Photo LIEUT. GEN. Willard S. Paul (USA ret.) / courtesy of Carl P. De Vasto, 101 IR Veteran
- Thanksgiving 1943, HQ Co, 101 IR, Camp Campbell / courtesy of Carl P. De Vasto, 101 IR Veteran
- All other photos as credits noted below the picture
- Casualties Listing - American Military Cemeteries. Issued by YD Veterans Association, 50th Anniversary edition / courtesy of Neal W. "Specks" Burdette, 101 IR Veteran
- 101 Infantry (Battle Honors), World War II September 7, 1944 - May 8, 1945 / courtesy of David J. Clymer, 101 IR Veteran
- 26th Infantry Division History; World War II Compiled and edited by G-3 Section, 26th Infantry Division. Druck: Buch- und Kunstdruckerei "Welsermuhl", Wels. Klischee: Krammer Linz / courtesy of David J. Clymer, 101 IR Veteran
- Patton's Third Army. A Chronology of the Third Army Advance, August 1944 to May 1945 / courtesy of David J. Clymer, 101 IR Veteran
- The 26th Infantry Division Attack, excerpt from "THE ARDENNES: BATTLE OF THE BULGE" by Hugh M. Cole, CMH Publication 7-8, Center of Military History, USA
- General Orders Number 112, 22 May 1945 / courtesy of George R. Ehrlinger
- How Military Egocentrism Almost Lost a Battle / by William Leesemann
- Hill 310 today (in 2001) / Text and Pictures / by Jean-Christophe VALANCE
- 328th Inf. Rgt. "Minute Maid GUIDE", 27 January 1945 issue / courtesy of Frank Wayne Martin, 328 IR Veteran and Nancy Martin

Featured Unit Patches

- YD unit patch / courtesy of Dave Sherman (
- "Grapevine", 26th Infantry Division (W.W.II aera unit newsletter) Vol. II - No. 35 / pages 2 and 9; Austria, Sunday, October 21, 1945 / courtesy of George C. Lithicum, 26th Recon. Troop Veteran

Contributing & Research Support

  • Mr. Peter Bogdan, YD veteran (Nat. YDVA board)
  • Mr. Bruce Burdett, Co. C, 188th Engr. C. Bn.
  • Mr. Neal W. "Specks" Burdette, Co.C, 101st Inf. Reg.
  • Mr. David J. Clymer, 1st Bn., AT Co., 101st Inf. Reg.
  • Mr. Carl P. De Vasto, HQ Co., 101st Inf. Reg.
  • Mr. William Leesemannn 101st Engr. C. Bn.
  • Mr. George Linthicum, 1st platoon, 26th Recon. Troop
  • Mr. Frank Wayne Martin, 328th Inf. Reg.
  • Mr. Donald A. McCuish, YD veteran (Nat. YDVA board)
  • Mr. W. Kent Stephens, HQ Btry, 101st Field Arty Bn.
  • Mrs. Mary Ciriello - USA
  • Mr. Richard Clymer - USA
  • Mr. Alan Crane - USA
  • Mr. George R. Ehrlinger - USA
  • Mr. Marc Fecteau - USA
  • Mrs. Nancy Martin - USA
  • Mr. Dave Sherman - USA

Research Support

  • VBOB Gateway Chapter
  • VBOB Delaware Valley Chapter
  • 26th "Yankee" Division Midwest YD Veterans
  • National YDVA organization
  • Center of Military History, US ARMY