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26th Infantry Division History

World War II
Compiled & Edited by G-3 Section, 26th Infantry Division
Druck: Buch- und Kunstdruckerei "Welsermuhl", Wels
Klischee: Krammer, Linz


101 infantry

Northern France - Rhineland - Ardennes - Central Europe
September 7, 1944 - May 8, 1945


Company A 101 Engineer (C) Battalion

Able Amblings
Northern France - Rhineland - Ardennes - Central Europe
The story of a group of men in uniform... who trained together, worked together, and fought together, who shared equally their better and worse times
11 Feb 43 - 11 Jul 45

History of a Combat Regiment 1639-1945

104th Infantry


History of the 328th Infantry Regiment

Editor: Staff Sergeant Jerome J. Theis
Art and Layout: Technician Fifth Grade George V. Wiener
Printing Office: Verlagsdruckerei Wels, Austria


War Diary

263rd Field Artillery Battalion, 26th Infantry Division
From Activation Feb. 12, 1943 To Deactivation Dec. 25, 1945


Operations of the 2nd Battalion, 104th Infantry, 26th Infantry Division, in the Attack from Grosbous to Wiltz, Luxembourg, 22-29 December 1944

by Lucian C Croft


History YD - 50th Anniversary

The History of the 26th YANKEE DIVISION 1917-1919 / 1941-1945
by Yankee Division Veterans Association, 1955
Printed by Deschamps Bros., Salem, Mass.


26th Infantry Division - Yankee Division

by Turner Publishing


The Command Is Forward

The 101st Infantry Regiment In Lorraine
by James Haahr


Normandy to the Bulge

An American Infantry GI in Europe during World War II
by Pfc. Richard D. Courtney


New York to Oberplan

by Major James H. Hardin


Memorials honoring the 26th Yankee Infantry Division

by Yankee Division Veterans Association


Yankee Doings

Special Issue - 50th Anniversary of Lorraine Campaign
by Yankee Division Veterans Association


Yankee Doings

Special Issue - 50th Anniversary of Ardennes Campaign
by Yankee Division Veterans Association


Patton's Third Army

A Chronology of the Third Army Advance, August, 1944 to May, 1945
by Charles M. Province


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