Headquarters Company

26th Hq Co Aided Staff

Headquarters Company of the YD is the butler and watchdog of the Division CP but its job is so unsung that few of the men in it or attached to it for rations, quarters and administration have a definite idea of its function.

It is as much a separate entity as the Quartermaster Company, Signal Company or Ordnance Company of the Division. Though its T/O is comparatively small, 100 - made up principally of cooks, drivers, orderlies and members of the Defense Platoon - it takes care of all the men and officers at Division Headquarters.

In combat these totaled about 400 but the figure may vary from 350 to the 500 for whom it is now caring. They come from Division Headquarters itself - the staffs of the Division Commander's staff - the Band, Special Troops and Special Troops Medical Detachment.

Through combat the company paved the way for Division Headquarters, cleaning up buildings so that the staff could move in and get to work with a minimum of delay, and keeping house for the CP until it moved on again to a new location.

Because it did its job well, the staff was able to function smoothly and because the staff functioned smoothly the entire Division as a whole was a better combat team.

excerpt from "Grapevine" Vol. II / No.35 - October 21, 1945