The following is a list of the places from which our Regimental CP has operated, and which were bases of operation for the I&R Platoon, since entering combat 214 days ago ending May 7, 1945. Two hundred and ten days of actual contact with the enemy. We went into action on October 7, 1944 in France at a place called Arracourt.

October 7 Arracourt
November 7 Moyenvic
November 10 Chateau Voue
November 14 Wuisse
November 17 in field
November 19 Bessing
November 23 Quinzeline
November 25 Insvieller
November 30 Altweiler
December 1 Burbach
December 5 Sarre Union
December 6 Oermingen
December 10 Metz
December 19 Redange / Attert (Lux.)
December 23 Hostert
December 25 Heispelt
December 28 Bonal
December 30 Mecher Dunkrodt
January 4 Liefrange
January 7 Baschleiden
January 12 Eschdorf
January 14 Mecher Dunkrodt
January 21 Trentelhof
January 22 Wiltz
January 28 Falk (France)
February 25 Saarlautern (Germany)
March 7 Wiltingen
March 9 Kastel
March 14 Serrig
March 16 pillbox
March 17 Mettlach
March 19 Wustweiler
March 20 Miesau
March 21 Speyerbrunn
March 22 Betzenheim
March 24 Weindlsheim
March 25 the Rhine Darmstadt
March 26 Froschausen
March 29 Gresselim
March 30 Vonhausen
April 1 Fulda
April 3 Gunthers
April 4 Humpferhausen
April 5 Viernau
April 6 Tillstadt
April 8 Schleusinger
April 10 Brattendorf
April 11 Eisfeld
April 12 Sonneberg
April 14 Stammbach
April 18 Gefrees
April 19 Kirchenpingarten
April 20 Kastl
April 22 Grafenwohr
April 23 Wernberg
April 24 Bruck
April 25 Wilting
April 26 Windberg
April 27 Schwarzach
April 29 Deggendorf
April 30 Rathmannsdorf (Austria)
May 1 Hasebach
May 2 Oberdeindorf
May 4 Altenhof
May 5 Aigen-Schlaglchel (Czechoslovakia)
May 7 Oberplan
(by courtesy of Carl P. DeVasto, HQ Co., 101st Inf. Reg. Veteran and David J. Clymer, 101st Inf. Reg. Veteran)

Photo: US ARMY Signal Corps - courtesy of Neal W. Burdette

101st Infantry Regiment Gallery

James Haahr, Company C - 101st Infantry Regiment

That's me with the BAR, all 21 pounds of it.

On bicycles L to R: Charles F.Hales (POW), Sgt Henry Gryncel (KIA @ hill 310), Neal W. Burdette (wounded at top of hill 310 11/11/44). All of Company C. 101st Infantry RCT, 26th "Yankee" Division

Church at base of hill 310 near Moyenvic, France.

L to R: George White, Neal Burdette, Charles Hales (POW)

This must have been taken while C Company was on a rest somewhere in Germany. The second man from the right on the bottom row has a rifle and a grenade hanging on his shirt. The man on the left with a pipe is Tech Sergeant Henry J Marchant. The man behind him with a pipe is SSgt Leslie H.Phillips. The man at the far right (Bottom) is Tech Sergeant Woodrow W. Maxwell. The others in the group, including the Medic from the 114th Medical Detachment are unknown to anyone I have talked to. I tried to identify them at the 101st reunion in Gettyburg in 2005, with no luck at all.
Photos by courtesy of Neal W."Specks" Burdette, Co.C / 101st Infantry Rgt.

Fall of 1944. Hedgerows of France. Left to Right: Pfc Wade Beasley (Raleigh, NC), Cpl William Passientenia (Richmond, VA), Pfc David Clymer (Greensboro, NC), Cpl Dutch Statamier (Holland / Europe)

December 5, 1944. Sarre Union, France

Squad driver William Passientenia and truck

December 20, 1944. Near Arlon, Belgium. On our way into the Battle of the Bulge. Left to Right: Front: Medic, William Passientenia, Smith, Pinky Wright, Cpl. OD Turner. Back: Seymore Lewis, Melvin Hayes, David Clymer, Cpl. Stratimier.

December 24, 1944. Luxembourg. Left to Right: Back Row: Pfc Wade Beasley (Raleigh, NC), Smith (TN), Pfc David Clymer (Greensboro, NC), Melvin Hayes (Greenville, OH), Seymore Lewis (NJ). Front Row: Pinky Wright (Philadelphia, PA), Sgt Gier (Philadelphia, PA)

December 24, 1944. Luxembourg. Casimer Wojack (Detroit, MI)

December 24, 1944. Luxembourg. Left to Right: David Clymer and Wade Beasley

January 1945. Just outside Wiltz, Luxembourg. Two members of our squad on a 57mm antitank gun. The shift was 2 hours. On this day there was 2 feet of snow in below zero temperatures.

February 1945. Outpost in Wadgassen, Germany. Across the river from German pillboxes.

February 1945. Outpost just inside German border, Wadgassen. Last house at end of street next to river. Across river are German pillboxes. Left to Right: Sgt Gier, Seymore Lewis, Melvin Hayes, David Clymer and Bob Brooks (front). Top hats found in attic of outpost house. Just having a little fun.

May1945, Krumell, Czechoslovakia. Antitank Co left Swartsback May 9 early in morning. Arrived in Krumell around 12:30 PM. Got word war was over. German halftrack in background with crew came in May 10. Members of our squad in foreground. David Clymer in back row on right.

Fall of 1945. Enns, Austria. Left to Right: Bernard Stigmuller (Landsdown, PA), Melvin R. Hayes (Greenville, OH), Pat, David J. Clymer (Greensboro, NC), Fred Aikers

Fall of 1945. Just outside Enns, Austria. Apartments beside sugar factory. Left to Right: Casimer Wojak, AJ Finley and David Clymer

1945, Enns, Austria. Guard Tower at prison where we had 1300 German war prisoners. All were SS troops. In winter of 1945, we moved all prisoners back to Germany. It took 7 days and nights to make the trip by train to Germany and back to Austria

Photos by courtesy of David J. Clymer, 1st Bn. / AT Co. 101st Infantry Rgt.